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Wildlife love it here at Poudre River Stables. Some of our wild visitors have had memorable adventures of their own. Click on the photos to learn their stories!

Bald eagle up high
Bald eagle perches
This raccoon drove the dogs crazy!
Deer caught in fence Poudre River Stables
Cutting deer out of fence
Baby bird takes a trailer ride
Young fox in the pasture
Fox on on the track
Deer resting next to the pond
Bear eyes peer out
Bear visits Poudre River Stables
Eagle above the kitchen closeup
Eagle in the kitchen cottonwood
Duck down the chimney
Snapping turtle compared to the human
Snapping turtle on the move
Deer in the field
Fox in the field by the pond
Painting trees to prevent more beaver damage
Beaver damage to one of our precious willows
Deer heaven
Owl in the barn
Haying praying mantis
Bullfrog haying at Poudre River Stables
Fawn in the front yard
Squirrel on a mission
Bald eagle visits in the cottonwood north of the turnouts
Robin in the rhubarb
Deer guard for apple trees
Apple tree eating deer lurk
Duck killed by power line
Pigeons or doves
Barn toad
Shavings mouse
Deer collecting fruit