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Sneak peak at horse health questions any 4-H'er can answer

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These 10 horse health questions come from the Colorado 4-H Horse Project Manual. The one about horses drinking water even beginner 4-H'ers can answer, because hey, no water equals one sick or dead horse. Answer all 10 of these with the right answer, and you earn the coveted All Star 10 badge at our sister site, Mane-U! Answer 20 horse health questions correctly, and get the Mane-U horse health badge! Share badges online with friends (and people you really want to impress).

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Sneak peak:

  • Which is a nutrient important to horses?
  • How much water does a horse drink daily?
  • How long is the horse's small intestine?
  • What is one function of the horse's mouth?
  • How can sharp points on horse teeth be fixed?
  • What is the pipeline from the mouth to the stomach?
  • A choking horse requires what?
  • A choking horse will not what?
  • The cecum, large colon, small colon and rectum make up what of the horse?
  • What do horses require in their diet for the gut to function?

Sneak peak at the 10 "noteworthy" horse questions that earn you a free badge

Here is another sneak peak at questions that can earn you a free badge on our sister site, Mane-U.

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General Robert E. Lee's closest companion and devoted horse was who?
Cisco Kid television sidekick Pancho had a horse named what?
Black Beauty's pony friend was named?
Who was the talking palomino horse and television star?
The 2013 Guinness Book of Records lists who as the tallest horse in the world?
In The Black Stallion, what was the name of the old gray cart horse who was a friend to The Black?
What was the name of the television character Cisco Kid's horse?
Which of these was a 1978 Triple Crown winner?
In the books by C.W. Anderson, who was Billy's horse friend?
Which racehorse beat an all-male field to become the first filly ever to win the Breeder's Cup Classic in 2009, and was immortalized as a Breyer model horse?

Earn a free badge by answering 20 out of these 30 horse safety questions

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Mane-U Horse Safety Badge

How is your horse safety IQ? Our sister site, Mane-U, has a great selection of free quizzes and online badges you can earn and share. Here is a sneak preview of the questions you'll see on the quiz:

When should you should tighten the girth or cinch?
At what gait is it safest to ride when you go up or down a hill?
When riding a horse, always use what?
Where might you want to dismount and lead your horse?
A rope carried on a horse never trained to rope causes what?
Why should tack be kept in excellent condition?
Where should you never mount or dismount a horse?
Which of these footings is safest?
Why should you never hurry past riders who are going at a slower gait?
When is a good time to keep your horse to a walk?
What knot should you use when tying off to the saddle horn while roping?
Do not allow the lead or reins to do what?
What should you do immediately after dismounting an English saddle?
When should you never ride bareback?
Why wait until everyone is mounted before moving out?
When should you use spurs?
Why should reins, stirrup leathers, headstalls, curb straps, girths and cinch straps be kept in excellent condition?
Never do what near a horse?
After running up the stirrups, what should you do?
How far apart should you be when riding with others?
How can you avoid being kicked on a trail ride?
Why should dogs be controlled around horses?
Tiedowns and standing martingales should be adjusted so that they do not affect what?
A kick is most forceful when you are about how many feet away from a horse?
If your horse becomes frightened, what should you do?
If you run into heavy traffic on a road, what should you do?
Before riding, what can you do when your horse is too active?
What should you remember on that moonlight ride?
Wearing spurs when not mounted can cause what?
A half-open gate in an arena is very what?

Horse quiz: How well did you read 'Winning Bet'?

Click on the photo to start the quiz. (Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.)

Will 15-year-old Emma Duncan lose her horse Bonnie to the slaughterhouse? Emma and the mysterious Enrique must prove to everyone that Bonnie is not a loser, but a winner.

Winning Bet: 'What a great story'

For teachers, 4-H leaders and clubs that want to use Winning Bet (ISBN: 0-615-32165-8; $12.95; paperback) as part of their classroom curriculum or 4-H project work, we've developed a free quiz for the novel.

 To pass the quiz, you must score 80-percent or better. Successful quiz-takers can click the "finish" button to get a printable achievement certificate for their records. Just click on the Winning Bet photo at left to start the quiz. Good luck!

Look inside the book

Would you rather use Accelerated Reader? You can help put Winning Bet on the Accelerated Reader list. If enough of you request it, Renaissance Learning will write an AR test for Winning Bet that any AR school can use, and anybody -- not just librarians -- can request! Just go to to make the request.
 Information you’ll need:
Title: Winning Bet
ISBN: 0-615-32165-8
Publisher: Ingram
Interest Level: Middle Grades Plus
Year Published: 2009

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(Karin Livingston was a career 4-H horse leader. Winning Bet is available at Amazon, on the Kindle e-reader, Barnes & Noble online, stores, and to librarians and retailers through the Ingram Book Group.)

Grooming for Success: How good are you?

Click the photo to try our Grooming for Success quiz - MyHoofprints

(Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.)

I am always amazed when I see a boarding stable client arrive and five minutes later, lead their horse out completely tacked up for a hard workout, or when a horse show competitor enters the ring with bedding stuck to their horse's belly, and wonders how they lost the Showmanship class.

As my mom says, sweat equity counts. The horse is supposed to be our friend, yet more often than not, we take a very brief approach to one of horses' basic needs: grooming. The bottom line is that grooming improves your horse's health, the horse-human bond, and your competitiveness as a pair. 

In Colorado 4-H, grooming takes up an entire chapter in the Horse Project manual, and is included in the many written tests 4-H'ers run into at county and state fairs, as well as when moving through the 4-H riding advancement levels. Are you a good horse groom? Take this quiz to find out. Good luck!

Try also, Saddle Savvy: How much do you know?

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Saddle savvy: How much do you know?

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(Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.)

The 4-H Riding Advancement Levels make up an important part of any 4-H'ers Horse Project in our neck of the woods, and the annual county and state fairs emphasize an exhibitor's knowledge of horses. Sometimes, at open shows a judge may even break a tie with a horse knowledge question. Are you ready? How much do you know about saddles?

Our 4-H’ers also take written tests as part of their projects. In Colorado, the Written Test counts as a regular horse show class at both the county and state fairs horse shows. Easy points on any horse knowledge test include, among other things, parts of the saddle. In real life, you need to know your equipment terms so that if something breaks or doesn’t work right, you can call it something other than that “thingy” when describing the problem to your tack shop. This is also a great project if you’re enrolled in the $5.99 Flat Shipping

4-H Horseless Horse project. Click on the photo or the following text link to try our parts-of-the-saddle quiz. There are 35 “click-it” questions on English and Western saddles. You need 80% or better to pass. If you do pass, be sure to click the “Finish” button to get your printable achievement certificate. Have fun! Good luck!

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(Karin Livingston was a career 4-H leader specializing in horses, and is the author of the young-adult horse novel, Winning Bet.)

20 questions: How well do you know leads, diagonals?

Diagonals_Leads_Cover_Shot TEXT (Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.) 

Recently, we got a judge at a horse show who gave first place in our equitation class to a rider with gross lead and diagonal errors on the pattern. Worse, it happened in yet another class. Same horse. Same rider. These things happen, and maybe the judge forgot to wear glasses. You have to figure that days like this make up for that time you won a ribbon and didn’t really ride that well. Really though, everybody riding, judging or rating needs to have a firm grasp of leads and diagonals.

Good horsemen know where the horse’s feet are, and what those feet are doing. Judges, instructors, and raters in particular need to be able to see these things from a distance. Riders need to feel the differences for balanced and safer rides, in order to pass riding advancement levels tests, and yes, be more competitive.

How good are you at leads and diagonals? We offer 20 questions for you, and if you pass, you earn a certificate that you can print out. This is not just a quiz. It is a learning experience. You can watch the videos and take the quiz as many times as you want. Good luck! Click here, or on the photo to start.

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Horse Safety: How do you rate?

Winning Bet: Reader's challenge

(Karin Livingston is a career 4-H leader specializing in horses, and the author of the young-adult horse novel, Winning Bet, available in hard copy and for e-readers.)

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Horse safety: How do you rate?

Horse safety quiz - graphic -

(Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.)

One of the huge strengths of the 4-H Horse Project is that safety comes first, no matter what. How safe are you around horses? Knowing the answer to these questions, which represent just a sampling of 4-H safety rules, could save your life. You must answer 80% correct in order to be considered passing.

Click here or on the photo to take our free quiz. You can take the quiz as many times as you want. Good luck! 

If this quiz helped you, please:

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HORSE-OPOLY: The Board Game

Who's what, marked where?


(Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.)

The other evening when I brought horses in from their daily turnouts, I found two horses in the same pen, wearing identical blankets, and at first glance, the geldings looked identical. A closer look revealed that my equine friends were actually a brown and a bay. I instantly knew who was who, and therefore who went where. At a stable, you typically have a lot of horses, and being able to describe an individual to the veterinarian, the farrier, or other help becomes crucial. Colors and markings are the equivalent of your horse’s license plate. And if you move into a horse profession, brand inspector, sales broker or breeder for instance, you need an even deeper understanding of colors and markings. Larimer County Horse Project 4-H’ers will find something about colors and markings on almost every written test they take. We think this game (click on the photo to launch the quiz) is appropriate for a 4-H Advancement Level I or II written test. Try it to see how your knowledge stacks up. Have fun!
Had trouble? Follow these links to learn more:
Morgan Horse colors
Quarter Horse colors
Paint Horse markings

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Barn Sense 1

(Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.)
Have you ever thought of running your own horse barn? It takes a lot more than a love for horses to make a successful barn manager. Knowledge of horses, equestrian sports, business, facilities management and current market conditions that may affect you will be key to your success. People who have grown up in the Colorado 4-H Horse Project and pursue the higher advancement levels tests make excellent horse professionals due to their strong background in many of these key areas. How do you stack up? We turned a few key pieces of information from the Colorado State 4-H Horse Project Members Manual into a test of your barn sense. If you miss a question, the game ends, so be careful. Have fun with our first "Barn Sense" quiz!