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Pocket halter catches 'em

The awards committee at our saddle club came up with a neat party favor one year, the pocket Click to enlarge. halter. A finely braided strand of rope, about eight feet long, attached to a metal ring, and boasting a leather “tail”, the pocket halter will be part of my “going out the door” gear from now on. It fits in the large pocket of your barn jacket, and serves many purposes. As the name implies, it becomes an instant halter, ready in seconds to catch the wayward horse or other critter. You would not want to tie a horse in this arrangement because you could squeeze its head off. On th

e other hand, the slip-loop on which the halter is based provides nice pressure for more subtle showmanship training. Click on our Adobe Flash Player Pocket Halter slide show to see how the pocket halter worked for us.

Pocket halter's "Blue" Christmas

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