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Sneak peak at the 10 "noteworthy" horse questions that earn you a free badge

Here is another sneak peak at questions that can earn you a free badge on our sister site, Mane-U.

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General Robert E. Lee's closest companion and devoted horse was who?
Cisco Kid television sidekick Pancho had a horse named what?
Black Beauty's pony friend was named?
Who was the talking palomino horse and television star?
The 2013 Guinness Book of Records lists who as the tallest horse in the world?
In The Black Stallion, what was the name of the old gray cart horse who was a friend to The Black?
What was the name of the television character Cisco Kid's horse?
Which of these was a 1978 Triple Crown winner?
In the books by C.W. Anderson, who was Billy's horse friend?
Which racehorse beat an all-male field to become the first filly ever to win the Breeder's Cup Classic in 2009, and was immortalized as a Breyer model horse?