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Earn a free badge by answering 20 out of these 30 horse safety questions

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Mane-U Horse Safety Badge

How is your horse safety IQ? Our sister site, Mane-U, has a great selection of free quizzes and online badges you can earn and share. Here is a sneak preview of the questions you'll see on the quiz:

When should you should tighten the girth or cinch?
At what gait is it safest to ride when you go up or down a hill?
When riding a horse, always use what?
Where might you want to dismount and lead your horse?
A rope carried on a horse never trained to rope causes what?
Why should tack be kept in excellent condition?
Where should you never mount or dismount a horse?
Which of these footings is safest?
Why should you never hurry past riders who are going at a slower gait?
When is a good time to keep your horse to a walk?
What knot should you use when tying off to the saddle horn while roping?
Do not allow the lead or reins to do what?
What should you do immediately after dismounting an English saddle?
When should you never ride bareback?
Why wait until everyone is mounted before moving out?
When should you use spurs?
Why should reins, stirrup leathers, headstalls, curb straps, girths and cinch straps be kept in excellent condition?
Never do what near a horse?
After running up the stirrups, what should you do?
How far apart should you be when riding with others?
How can you avoid being kicked on a trail ride?
Why should dogs be controlled around horses?
Tiedowns and standing martingales should be adjusted so that they do not affect what?
A kick is most forceful when you are about how many feet away from a horse?
If your horse becomes frightened, what should you do?
If you run into heavy traffic on a road, what should you do?
Before riding, what can you do when your horse is too active?
What should you remember on that moonlight ride?
Wearing spurs when not mounted can cause what?
A half-open gate in an arena is very what?