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Have a voice in program for Montana's Pryor Mountains wild horse herd

MONTANA - The Bureau of Land Management Billings Field Office wants your feedback regarding expanding a population control program for the Pryor Mountains wild horse herd. The goal of the program is to reduce the need for roundups. The comment period ends Feb. 20, 2015. 

To comment on expanding the program, email or send a hard-copy letter to: Bureau Of Land Management, Billings Field Office, 500 I Southgate Drive, Billings, Montana 59101-4669

In a January 19 update, the Cloud the Stallion Facebook page said the BLM is taking steps in the "right direction" with its population control efforts for the Fish Creek Nevada wild horse herd.

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Trees: There one minute, gone the next

N. Shields St., Fort Collins, Colorado, October 11, 2014

Trees - N. Shields St. - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521 - Fall - 2014

 January 7, 2014:

Silver maple being cut down - N. Shields St. - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521

January 8, 2014:

Trees being cut down - N. Shields St. - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521

Trying to imagine all the fruit trees I can plant when this is all over.

What you see is all part of the North Shields Corridor Improvement Project and a recent city plan to add sewer to N. Shields St. The hazardous above-ground utility lines on the right side of the photo, below, will move across the street. These lines went down twice in almost this exact spot last year, and above-ground lines went down two streets west of us on Christmas Day 2014, knocking out power to this area for many hours. Even though the city has made accommodations for other underground work that could also house Xcel's new utility lines, I am told that Xcel has chosen to again build lines above ground. Inquiries to Xcel have received no reply. As you enjoy the new sidewalks and bike trails, keep an eye on the power lines overhead and next to you.

Raccoons jumped out of trees and sat inside trees as they went down. Last spring, one tree had a bee hive in it.

Trees being cut down - N. Shields St. - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521


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Without irrigation, only sagebrush

Acres of worthless sagebrush next to a productive field illustrate the difference irrigation made to Colorado's history and economy. As the sagebrush gave way to agriculture, so did the horse and buggy. With its space for one-cent postage, this Denver-publisher postcard dates to 1872, according to Webfooters Postcard Club.

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Sagebrush to irrigation - horses - buggy - Colorado irrigation history - circa 1872 - postcard calls for 1 cent postage

Sagebrush to irrigation - postcard back - calls for 1 cent postage - circa 1872