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And now comes the sewer line

NW area turns into hotbed of activity as Fort Collins warms up to Poudre River Downtown Project

The Poudre River Downtown Project is projected to bring new revenue to the downtown area of Fort Collins, Colorado.

".. $1 million from the city's general fund is recommended to go toward land acquisition for the Poudre River Downtown Project and another $1 million from the stormwater fund is recommended for a set of floodplain improvements along that river channel."
-- The Coloradoan: Poudre a priority as council digs into city budget

The Poudre River Downtown Project actually extends west of downtown to Shields St. One thinks the project should make councilman and developer Gino Campana's upcoming Pateros Creek Homes, which are on the affected river along the east border of our property, even more marketable.

With Revive Properties putting up geothermal homes about a mile northeast of our historic farm, the city sewer line being sent north off our property in December 2014, the recent $2-million sale of my neighbor's property, the N. Shields St. bridge replacement and widening, and multiple landscaping upgrades of the river belt on our north border, the northwest quadrant has suddenly become a hotbed of activity.

Wonder where all of this is going? Check out the 2006 Northwest Subarea Growth Plan. I keep my fingers crossed that we won't be hurt by all the activity. If only somebody could follow the city's lead on visual pollution and get the new telephone and electrical utilities in the Shields widening put underground ...