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Power line fatality: Duck crashes in middle of horse arena

Duck killed by power line - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521

Last week, this poor little guy flew into the power lines, let out a loud "Gak!" and fell into our arena, dead. Power lines are hard on the birds, and I can only wonder how much more of this we will see when the power lines across the street are relocated to our historic farm as part of the North Shields St. widening project just outside of Fort Collins city limits. Going underground with the lines would be best, but Xcel does not want to spend the money, according to county and city workers I have asked about the problem. In other developments, rumor has it that the City of Fort Collins is sending the sewer line off of my property under the river and all the way north to Highway 287. If you believe the internet real estate sites, a property about 100 yards from my east border, 832 Wood St., just sold for $2 million. Unbelievable. I can just see all the real estate investors licking their chops.

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