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Flood risk: And now, we bring you the return of the Poudre River to its natural floodplain

The Coloradoan reported on March 30, 2014 that the Poudre River and Big Thompson rivers are at twice their normal levels: Full story

"It’s not just the mountains and foothills that could be impacted. The NWS says that 'the flood risk is somewhat elevated in southwest Weld County, and also along the lower Cache La Poudre River in eastern Larimer and western Weld Counties due to flooding last September.'”
- KUNC, story on report from the National Weather Service

The Poudre River never did dry up to its usual winter trickle this year, and now the National Weather Service predicts higher flood risk due to the heavy snow pack. The City of Fort Collins is in the middle of restoring the river to its natural floodplain, along the Poudre River bike trail, which makes up our north border. I hope they get it done before all that raw dirt is swept away.

Poudre River bank lowering - Shields Street - McMurray Natural Areas - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521
Work progresses on lowering the north bank of the Poudre River - Sunday, March 16, 2014

The lowered north river bank, while excellent for us, will be an interesting flood test for the guy in the farmhouse, background, to the left.

The Father of Fort Collins would get a chuckle out of all this river work. Thanks to him, Fort Collins moved to its current location, out of the floodway near Laporte.

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