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Horse heaven: Fall flood rains bring late grazing

Brought to you by Mount Manure

"Mount Manure", our compost pile made of soiled shavings and horse manure, produces amazing plants. This cherry tomato plant was living in its pot with our raspberries in old water troughs filled with Mount Manure "product". I pulled it into our bay window room in the middle of last night's freezing rain. Planted from seed, this tomato is an indeterminate variety, meaning it should have multiple growing seasons, and is still full of flowers. I hope the grow lights keep it going through the winter! Read also, Easter 2013: Grandang's Rhubarb, which shows how we use old, leaky water troughs as planters. Grandang's rhubarb, shown below in an updated August photo, is also in a bed created from our horse output. The rhubarb produced like crazy, even after being split earlier in the spring. Arrangements can be made if you are interested in a piece of Mount Manure.

Tomato plant started from seed and fertilized with the soiled bedding in our manure pile - a mix of wood shavings and manure.

Grandang's rhubarb - August 2013 - also in a bed fed by Mount Manure - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521

You do need proper equipment to manage the manure. We use an old , tustworthy John Deere 950 for all sorts of land stewardship chores!