Debris a major hazard as Poudre River rages
Bridge watch: Will it hold? Poudre River - N Shields - #ftcollins

Poudre River lapping at banks - natural area ponds breached

Poudre River - Shields Street Bridge
The North Shields Street - Poudre River bridge becomes a tourist attraction as people pose with small children above turbulent flood waters.
The Poudre River is lapping at its banks after heavy rain. "The Beach", a popular recreation spot, is now completely under water, and the river has breached the natural area ponds to the north. The Shields Street - Poudre River bridge on our northwest corner has become a tourist attraction, with cars stopping on the bridge for photos, and people posing with small children for that special shot. Little do they know that the bridge is slated for replacement, and is damaged by water scoring. If some of the flood debris, a big tree for instance, hit the bridge, would it hold?