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Horse death ruled accidental

“An accident I can forgive. I can overlook that someone didn’t do this on purpose. They probably didn’t know she was hurt that bad. But I need to know what happened."
-- Christina Meade, owner

Read the latest update on the cause of death of the rescued 27-year-old horse: Stacey Page Online.

Read the original story: 27-year-old rescued horse stabbed to death

A great outing for our show crew

Our stable may be a "peaceful place for you and your horse", but a hardy handful here also enjoy competition, often with an able assist from Cayla Stone. If you ever get a chance, you should try Moqui Meadows annual August show. Wonderful jumps and delicious dressage await ...


Kalinda Livingston on Kalvin - Moqui Meadows Horse Trials - August - 2013
Kalinda Livingston on Kalvin, cross-country course, Moqui Meadows Horse Trials, August 2013. (Photos by Delani Miller)


Show crew poudre river stables (800x533)
Our show crew, a determined little band of riders, takes a break at the Moqui Meadows Horse Trials, August 2013.


Show crew charlie poudre river stables (800x533)
What a lovely duo! Moqui Meadows Horse Trials, August 2013.


Show crew billy poudre river stables (800x533)
The handsome red fellow is Billy Blue, also a real-life horse star in the novel, "Winning Bet". (Moqui Meadows Horse Trials, August 2013.)


27-year-old rescued horse stabbed to death

“I’d tell them they are a coward for hurting her ... It’s bad enough if you are going to kill any animal, but she didn’t do anything to them.”
-- Christina Meade, owner
Collectively we can all hope that murderer falls down, sprains their ankle, and that we'll know them by their limp. Or that NCIS takes over the case. Read the full story at ABC 57 News.