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Northern Colorado Back Country Horsemen's list of ways to help equine flood victims

The Northern Colorado Back Country horsemen distributed this email to all their members, suggesting ways we can help our equine flood victims:

The way we went from severe drought to record level rains and flooding is really something.  Please continue to pray for balance for our Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. 

It just doesn't feel right to do a normal newsletter right now so I thought we'd just send out a list of resources where you may be able volunteer your time or send donations or whatever feels right to you.   

The website:  Help Colorado Now is a wealth of resources for the many cities, towns, rural areas, animals, people and more ...... 

They have a wide range of organizations who are providing assistance in many ways.  They keep the site updated with new organizations and new needs too.  

To help with the lost animals who need to be reunited with their families the Facebook page,  Colorado Disaster Wildfire / Flood Lost & Found Pets & Livestock serves part of that need. 

And to help provide hay to those who are in need is Colorado Horsecare Food bank:  

Plus a direct line into Estes Park, 979-577-3974  to get help or to give help.   

Plenty of places to put forth any energy you are feeling compelled to offer.