Surfin' down the bike trail - Poudre River - N #ftcollins
Rogue Poudre River: N. Shields bridge holding; river floods bike trail (video) #ftcollins #colorado

High water, debris battering bridge - bike trail under water - N. Shields St. (video) - #ftcollins #colorado

From our stable's north property line: The Poudre River has breached the bike trail underpass at N. Shields Street. Trees and other debris continue to whack away at the center pylon, but the bridge is holding. Road workers stand by, and tourists flock. All the horses are safe and happy on higher ground. In fact, from a rain standpoint, this is much better than the 1997 Spring Creek flood. What is hurting us now is the runoff from the mountains, which has nowhere to go but the river.