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Strangles outbreak reported on riding club's Facebook page

FORT COLLINS - Colorado State University's English Riding Club cancelled its mounted meeting tonight due to a strangles outbreak at the equine center.

We are very sad to report that due to the recent outbreak of strangles at the equine center, we will be canceling our dressage clinic with Jessica tonight. We will hopefully reschedule this for sometime next semester.
-- CSU English Riding Club's Facebook page

Strangles, a nickname for distemper, is highly contagious among horses, and can be fatal to very young or very old animals, and those with weakened immune systems. Transmission of strangles to humans is rare.

Horses can be vaccinated for the disease, but the vaccination is not 100% effective. Facilities trying to control or prevent the spread of strangles can use quarantine and other procedures recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

Colorado State University experienced a strangles outbreak at its equine center in 2006 that killed two horses, and sickened many others.