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Horse quiz: How well did you read 'Winning Bet'?

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Will 15-year-old Emma Duncan lose her horse Bonnie to the slaughterhouse? Emma and the mysterious Enrique must prove to everyone that Bonnie is not a loser, but a winner.

Winning Bet: 'What a great story'

For teachers, 4-H leaders and clubs that want to use Winning Bet (ISBN: 0-615-32165-8; $12.95; paperback) as part of their classroom curriculum or 4-H project work, we've developed a free quiz for the novel.

 To pass the quiz, you must score 80-percent or better. Successful quiz-takers can click the "finish" button to get a printable achievement certificate for their records. Just click on the Winning Bet photo at left to start the quiz. Good luck!

Look inside the book

Would you rather use Accelerated Reader? You can help put Winning Bet on the Accelerated Reader list. If enough of you request it, Renaissance Learning will write an AR test for Winning Bet that any AR school can use, and anybody -- not just librarians -- can request! Just go to to make the request.
 Information you’ll need:
Title: Winning Bet
ISBN: 0-615-32165-8
Publisher: Ingram
Interest Level: Middle Grades Plus
Year Published: 2009

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(Karin Livingston was a career 4-H horse leader. Winning Bet is available at Amazon, on the Kindle e-reader, Barnes & Noble online, stores, and to librarians and retailers through the Ingram Book Group.)