Fawns revealed!
Hay: A beautiful sight

Grazing muzzle v. Gorilla Tape

Over the last couple of summers, Bonnie cleverly beat the bottom off of her grazing muzzle. The rubber actually appears to have aged to the point of being very weak, so it did not take much to bust through the muzzle's bottom. My roll of Gorilla Tape came the the rescue, and I bet we get many more days out of this piece of equipment. We also use Gorilla Tape to secure protective leg gear on cross country courses. Bonnie wears a grazing muzzle to help prevent overeating and another attack of laminitis. (Bonnie is a real-life horse character in the novel, Winning Bet, a clean read for 'tweens and teens.)

I basically rebuilt the bottom of our horse Bonnie's grazing muzzle using Gorilla Tape - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521