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Next door: Save the Poudre drops appeal opposing development's density

"We can step back in the stream again and go forward.”
-- Gino Campana, developer

Save the Poudre has dropped its appeal opposing the Pateros Creek housing development next to us, and instead plans to monitor the project as it progresses. At current count, we have five ongoing, planned and potential projects affecting this old farm: a new house across Shields street from us, a planned widening of Shields St. in 2014 to include a center lane, bike trails, sidewalks, and a new bridge, a possible West Vine storm drainage culvert running through the property, the Pateros Creek housing development next door, and City of Fort Collins natural areas developments and enhancements across the river. Whew!

Full Pateros Creek appeals story in The Coloradoan

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Beat those water-tank-bailing blues

Tired of bailing or dumping heavy horse stock tanks to keep the water fresh and clean? One of our client dads went shopping on the Internet and found this Wayne submersible pump. Talk about a labor and lower-back saver! We also achieved a small bit of green living by pumping the used water into the raspberry bushes, which in another feat of green living, reside in recycled, leaky stock tanks filled with aged manure-bedding pack (aka: manure pile). I have also seen solar submersible pumps that could skip the electrical part of this equation.

Out and about: Journey of faith, determination

Our very own Kalinda and Kalvin had a great day at the Colorado Horse Park earlier this month. Kalvin pulled an 8th out of this dressage ride, but redeemed himself in the stadium jumping and over the cross country course. The duo ended up first overall in the Beginner Novice division! For those of us who know and love Kalvin, this win highlighted a long journey of faith and determination on Kalinda's part. Last year, Kalvin achieved the singular feat of leaping the arena fence sideways, and taking much of it with him. (Photo compliments of Cayla Stone.)


Horse lovers restore abandoned farm

"We were fortunate enough to get a blank canvas and we consider this an opportunity of a lifetime."
- Kelly McCormick, one of two equestrians leasing the farm, which charges $700/month for a stall

Who says horse people cannot be good land stewards? (Click on the link above for the full story.)

Willow harvest

About this time of year, several of the horses become more interested in nipping off the low-hanging willow leaves. You can learn more about willow and its benefit to horses if you read Herbs for Horses by Jenny Morgan and Carole Vincer, or A Modern Horse Herbal by Hillary Page Self. Our horse Bonnie, a survivor of laminitis, and real-life horse star of the novel, Winning Bet, loves willow! Here fresh windfall branches have been stripped of leaves and fine stems. The harvest is placed on a clean sheet, which is tied up at the corners for drying.

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Drainage, bigger street, bike trails, sidewalks would feed into Poudre River

A surveyor's pink-flagged reference stake on North Shields Street near the Poudre River is part of Larimer County's design process for widening the street, adding a bike trail and sidewalk - July 2012 - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521
Surveyors have been adorning North Shields Street with colored flags for many months as they develop a plan for higher-volume access.

A city/county open house will combine the Shields Street widening project on our west border with plans for a large storm drainage culvert running through the neighborhood to the Poudre River. The open house will be held from 4 - 6 p.m. Aug. 8 at Lincoln Middle School, 1600 W. Lancer Drive, Room 102. Information:, [email protected] or (970) 221-6700.

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