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Which Poudre are we protecting?

Local reporter Kevin Duggan wrote recently that Save the Poudre, dedicated to preserving recreation and the river's health, are keeping a "watchful eye" on development, especially the Pateros Creek homes slated to go up next to us. I got to wondering on Facebook which Poudre River we are supposed to be protecting: 

More than a hundred years ago north of the little burg of Fort Collins, the Poudre was a mere creek this time of year. Wagons and cars forded that creek, as there were no bridges. There was no “Old Town”. No paved roads. No bike trails. No giant trees. No riparian forest. Which Poudre are we protecting? 1880's? 1920’s? 1950’s? 2012?"

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I reference my Facebook comment here in case you are interested in following the Pateros Creek development on our east border, or the planned widening of North Shields Street on our west border.

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