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Free: Unqualified love, a willing attitude

Soloman_sm_003Update (06/22/2012): Soloman found a home!

A long-time client of ours needs to pursue upcoming important professional ventures, and reluctantly, needs to curtail his horse activities for the time-being. His steed, Soloman, is available free to a good home that includes a lot of pasture time, hay as needed, shelter, running water, perhaps another horse friend, and an owner committed to regular, light riding. Because of Soloman’s recovering soft-tissue injury, his owner believes Soloman is not a candidate for high-impact, competitive riding. A pasture is important, as it will keep Soloman moving and strengthen him.

Soloman is an experienced trail horse, fully trained at all gaits, probably once knew how to do Western Showmanship, is good with the veterinarian and farrier. He is 20 years old, a big, registered black Quarter Horse. For the right person, Soloman promises to provide nickered greetings after a long day, a willing attitude, psychotherapy as needed, unqualified love, the added security of an experienced mount, and fun on easy footing.

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