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FORT COLLINS, Colorado - Argo the ex-wild mustang, and Cayla, his foster mom, continue to astound us. The other day, when I happened to be in the arena at our stable, they tried something new!

As a sidenote, watch the earlier Argo videos, and note how much he has filled out in such a short time. Somewhere back in Argo's heritage, beautiful ancestors contributed to some very special looks.

Cayla Stone temporarily adopted Argo from a herd of wild horses in order to train him for the Extreme Mustange Makeover competition, June 8 - 10, at Colorado State University. You can see Cayla and Argo compete at the event, where Argo will also be available to a good home via the Extreme Mustang Makeover auction.

Learn more about Argo and see his other videos by clicking on our Mustang Makeover section.

Be sure to visit Argo's Facebook page: My Extreme Mustang Makeover!

(Note: Cayla is a trained gymnast. Do not try this at home.)

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