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Next to our stable: 41 new 'Pateros Creek' homes

New Styles in the Tractor Supply Boot Shop

(Update 06/21/12: The Fort Collins Planning and Zoning board unanimously granted Pateros Creek's variance request for a density of 41 homes. The former trailer park had 49 lots, 44 of which were occupied.)

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- The planned housing development on the east border of our stable has blossomed into 41 “clustered” homes with a proposed name of “Pateros Creek”.

Half of what was formerly the 17.34-acre Bender Mobile Home Park will be used for the new homes, with the other half used as open space and a buffer from the Poudre River on the property's north border, according to a letter from the city to nearby residents

Most of the Bender Mobile Home Park residents moved out in April, and nearly all of the park's trailers are gone. Sidehill Investment, LLC, owns the 912 Wood St. property, according to Larimer County records.

The development's proposed name, Pateros Creek, was one of the earliest of several names for the Poudre River, according to the Fort Collins History Connection. The website suggests "pateros" may be a mispronunciation of the French word, "piteux", or "piteous", after an early trapper who was found on the river in pitiful condition.

The Pateros Creek development, with a proposed zoning of Urban-Estate, will be the subject of a 5:30 p.m. informational neighborhood meeting June 12 in the Community Room of city offices, 215 North Mason Street, Fort Collins.

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Uncovered: The true face of soring Tennessee Walking Horses

"If those spectators could see the true face of soring, they'd be running these people out of the business." -- Humane Society

I wonder who we contact to put these people out of business?

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Tennessee Walking Horse Association's response

Contact the Tennessee Walking Horse Association's Executive Director, Ron Thomas:

5th skunk confirmed positive for rabies; rabies "map" now available online

All Larimer County residents are urgently advised to keep their pets, horses and livestock vaccinated and up-to-date, and to avoid skunks that are out in daylight or are behaving strangely.

-- Larimer County


OK, now we're getting cose to home, just one street over. Remember, a rabid skunk can infect your horse or other livestock. Thank goodness horses now get the rabies vaccine. If your animals are not up to date on their rabies vaccination, call your vet now. (Click on the link above for the full story.)

Earlier coverage: More rabid skunks discovered

Deadly EHV-1 returns: Colorado quarantining facility

This just in via e-mail from the state veterinarian:

"The Colorado Department of Agriculture is continuing to investigate and monitor horses exposed to one horse with a confirmed case of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) within the state; a Douglas County premises remains under quarantine. Strict bio-security and disease prevention practices have been instituted on the quarantined premises. This quarantine may be released in seven days if there are no additional horses showing clinical signs.

Three facilities received horses from the same transport vehicle. Horses at those facilities remain free of clinical signs of EHV-1. The movement restrictions on these facilities will be released on May 22, 2012, as they have completed the 21-day observation time period.

Unlike the EHV-1 outbreak in 2011, the initial case in Colorado originated from

Continue reading "Deadly EHV-1 returns: Colorado quarantining facility" »

Mustang Makeover: Acrobatics anyone?

FORT COLLINS, Colorado - Argo the ex-wild mustang, and Cayla, his foster mom, continue to astound us. The other day, when I happened to be in the arena at our stable, they tried something new!

As a sidenote, watch the earlier Argo videos, and note how much he has filled out in such a short time. Somewhere back in Argo's heritage, beautiful ancestors contributed to some very special looks.

Cayla Stone temporarily adopted Argo from a herd of wild horses in order to train him for the Extreme Mustange Makeover competition, June 8 - 10, at Colorado State University. You can see Cayla and Argo compete at the event, where Argo will also be available to a good home via the Extreme Mustang Makeover auction.

Learn more about Argo and see his other videos by clicking on our Mustang Makeover section.

Be sure to visit Argo's Facebook page: My Extreme Mustang Makeover!

(Note: Cayla is a trained gymnast. Do not try this at home.)

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Arabian show horse rescued after swimming three miles into ocean

“It was a real needle-in-a-haystack kind of find,” Kelly told “He looked like every other bird that was just sitting on the water.”

William was drifting with the current but still heading out to sea. When he saw the search and rescue team, he appeared startled but also exhausted.


The decisions horses make boggle the mind. Our Thoroughbred, Kalvin, once attempted a ninety-degree spin, followed by a jump over the arena fence from a standstill. To his credit, he made it over with his front end ... (Click on the the link above for the Arabian's adventure.)

Public hearing: 'Next door' becoming part of the city

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- Who would have thought more than 20 years ago when we came here, that the city would ever come to us? 

The city's Planning and Zoning Board will conduct a public hearing regarding the annexation of the trailer park property on our stable's east border, approximately 1/4 mile east of N. Shields St. on the Poudre River, at 6 p.m.Thursday, City Hall, 300 LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins. 

Developer Gino Campana bought the trailer park property last year with plans to build new homes on the 17.3 acre site, each priced at approximately $450,000. Trailer park residents moved out last month.

Meanwhile, the Fort Collins-Larimer County $5-million project to widen Shields Street and replace the Poudre River bridge on our west border continues. We have a mystery on our hands, as a hand-written document created more than 100 years ago, 1896 to be exact, calls into question who owns extra footage for the widening -- residents or the county?

Read the city's public hearing announcement containing annexation details and a map.

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Rabies: More infected skunks reported

9News reports that more infectecd skunks have been reported in neighboring Weld County. If you think horses are not at risk, think again. A rabid animal is an irrational animal, and can go after a horse in a pasture or paddock, biting the horse and infecting it. Please call your vet of choice and get a for-the-record rabies vaccination before it is too late.

Health department reports rabid skunk was mauled by larger animal

Health department: Rabid skunk was mauled by larger animal

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- The Larimer County Health Department said Friday that the rabid skunk found on the west side of town had been mauled by a larger animal, which means that animal could be roaming the area sick and infected with rabies.

If you have not already had your animals vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian, do so now.

Read the Larimer County Health Department press release.

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Rabid skunk found in Fort Collins -- horses, pets at risk

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- (Text of an e-mail I received Thursday night from my vet, Dr. Allen Landes, owner Equine Medical Services) The CDC has confirmed a rabid skunk was found on the west side of Fort Collins near west LaPorte Ave. This confirmed rabies case and another recent one around the Ault area should alert all animal owners that we need to vaccinate all our animals (dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock) against rabies.

If your horse has been vaccinated in the last 12 months by a veterinarian, then your horse is considered vaccinated. If your horse has not been vaccinated in the last 12 months or has been vaccinated by someone other than a veterinarian, they are considered un-vaccinated and if considered a rabies suspect could be euthanized for testing. Colorado State Statute does not recognize owner-administered rabies vaccines. The following excerpt is from Colorado Department of Public Health statement: (Rabies Prevention and Control Policy, Management of Domestic Animals Exposed to Rabies, Updated July 1, 2011)  "Additionally, Colorado law, 25-4-607, C.R.S., requires rabies vaccinations be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Thus owner-administered rabies vaccine is not recognized."

Update: Health department says skunk was mauled by larger animal