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Next to our stable: No conflict of interest for developer Gino Campana

Update (03-20-12): City Council agrees with earlier all-clear (Coloradoan reporting 36 houses planned for development on Poudre River.)

Longtime resident and developer Gino Campana did not violate city conflict-of-interest rules when he participated in a Planning and Zoning Board discussion on code changes that ultimately could affect one of his projects, city officials say.


Gino Campana's trailer park redevelopment project on the Poudre River sits next to our stable. It's interesting to note that annexation is already a done deal, at least in The Colordoan's mind, and that conceptual review is underway for the project. (Click on the link above for the full story.)

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Mustang Makeover: Day 3 - Getting to know you

Day 3 Mustang Training

The first couple days went really well. I spent as much time as I could just sitting in the pen with "little horse" to get him more used to my presence, and he seemed to take it well. I make sure I'm in there twice a day with the pitchfork doing everyday chores, and walking in there to feed him. I got him to come close and sniff me a bit, and even take a little hay out of my hand. I was fortunate that the wranglers at the holding pens were able to get a halter on him while he was in the chute. This will make my job a bit easier once I am close enough to touch him. 

After having two days to settle in, I decided today I wanted to ask a little more from him. In the video you can see me trying to get him to move around me in the pen, and to go where I ask him to. I'm using a long Parrelli stick as an extension of my arm to move him around. As much as possible I try to let him sniff it, and once he is more comfortable I will start using the stick to scratch and rub him all over his body. While he's moving around the pen, I keep an eye on his ears, once they start flicking towards me and he seems attentive, I stop and ask him to face me. When I get the desired reaction (him facing me) I reward him by stepping back, or relieving the pressure.

He picked this up very quickly, and soon he was following my movements with his front end, which is the first step to ground work training. Today I did this about three times, with long breaks in between. At the end of the day I sat with him while he munched on hay, and he seemed to relax considerably. He even rubbed my legs and nibbled at my hat with his muzzle. Tomorrow I will do the same thing, continuing to work him in his pen, asking him to face me and follow my movements, slowly getting closer to him. For the first few days (maybe the first week) I will not try too hard to touch him, eventually he will come around, and it will be his idea.

18407_Cabela's Workwear: For any job, in any weather

Grooming for Success: How good are you?

Click the photo to try our Grooming for Success quiz - MyHoofprints

(Earn points and free badges at our sister site, Mane-U. We are mobile-friendly and love horse trivia.)

I am always amazed when I see a boarding stable client arrive and five minutes later, lead their horse out completely tacked up for a hard workout, or when a horse show competitor enters the ring with bedding stuck to their horse's belly, and wonders how they lost the Showmanship class.

As my mom says, sweat equity counts. The horse is supposed to be our friend, yet more often than not, we take a very brief approach to one of horses' basic needs: grooming. The bottom line is that grooming improves your horse's health, the horse-human bond, and your competitiveness as a pair. 

In Colorado 4-H, grooming takes up an entire chapter in the Horse Project manual, and is included in the many written tests 4-H'ers run into at county and state fairs, as well as when moving through the 4-H riding advancement levels. Are you a good horse groom? Take this quiz to find out. Good luck!

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Mustang begins new life at our place as he prepares for Extreme Makeover

Our newest friend, a mustang to be trained for the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition, and hopefully, his forever home - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521FORT COLLINS -- Life began anew today for a bay four-year-old Mustang gelding who will live and learn at our stable until June 8 - 10 when he finds his forever home at the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition at Colorado State University.

The wild horse's foster mom, Cayla Stone, a CSU Equine Sciences graduate who has a strong showing and instructional background, will train him. We have high hopes for our newest friend. Cayla rescued a Thoroughbred this fall, trained that horse, and sold him to a good home a few months later as a hunter-jumper-eventing prospect.

Trainers must apply to be accepted in the Extreme Mustang Makeover program. Those competing at an Extreme Mustang Makeover event receive $700 for reimbursed expenses. There are no entry fees.

More than $350,000 in estimated prize money will be available at the 2012 Extreme Mustang Makeover events. Stay tuned as we follow this new adventure!

Extreme Mustang Makeover site:

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