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Grooming for Success: How good are you?

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I am always amazed when I see a boarding stable client arrive and five minutes later, lead their horse out completely tacked up for a hard workout, or when a horse show competitor enters the ring with bedding stuck to their horse's belly, and wonders how they lost the Showmanship class.

As my mom says, sweat equity counts. The horse is supposed to be our friend, yet more often than not, we take a very brief approach to one of horses' basic needs: grooming. The bottom line is that grooming improves your horse's health, the horse-human bond, and your competitiveness as a pair. 

In Colorado 4-H, grooming takes up an entire chapter in the Horse Project manual, and is included in the many written tests 4-H'ers run into at county and state fairs, as well as when moving through the 4-H riding advancement levels. Are you a good horse groom? Take this quiz to find out. Good luck!

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