Mountain lion sighted
Mountain lion sighted again

Hobbes' gun initiation: Officer takes shot at mountain lion

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- An officer took a shot at the mountain lion next to our arena where Hobbes was being ridden early this evening, according to his owner, Gregg Doster.
Hobbes, a 4-year-old Quarter Horse purchased at the CSU Legends of Ranching Sale last year, flinched at the shot, but held steady. What a horse!
The shot came after somebody shouted, "There he is!", according to Gregg. The officer had climbed on to the dirt levee running parallel to Shields Street and our arena, as an intense hunt for an errant mountain lion sighted earlier continued.
The mountain lion, which crossed paths with Gregg earlier when he found it in his driveway next door, was not hit. "It was big, fully grown," said Gregg. "Its tail looked like it was five feet long! It was beautiful."
The mountain lion bounded away when Gregg pulled up in his car, turned a sharp right
south, and zipped around the garage. Gregg last saw the lion heading east.
Gregg tells of the shooting, which occurred on top of he and Hobbes while they were in our arena - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521 - (Click on photo to enlarge.)
That the officer was shooting west from our arena meant the lion had doubled back. Another client of ours spoke with an officer on her way home, and was told authorities believe the mountain lion was now headed northwest from the intersection of Shields St. and the Poudre River Bridge.
Officers had converged on our section of Shields and were patrolling neighborhoods and the Poudre River Trail area for the lion. A number of officers staked out Arthur Irrigation Ditch about a quarter mile south of our stable, with a cage on standby, and wielding high-powered firearms.
All our outlying horses have been pulled up to the barn area, and the goats are secured in a spare stall. Clients are asked not to travel to the stable alone tonight, and to make lots of noise when they visit.
(Karin Livingston is the author of Winning Bet, a clean horse read for 'tweens and teens, available at Jax Ranch & Home, Old Firehouse Books, and Amazon.)