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The 4-H Riding Advancement Levels make up an important part of any 4-H'ers Horse Project in our neck of the woods, and the annual county and state fairs emphasize an exhibitor's knowledge of horses. Sometimes, at open shows a judge may even break a tie with a horse knowledge question. Are you ready? How much do you know about saddles?

Our 4-H’ers also take written tests as part of their projects. In Colorado, the Written Test counts as a regular horse show class at both the county and state fairs horse shows. Easy points on any horse knowledge test include, among other things, parts of the saddle. In real life, you need to know your equipment terms so that if something breaks or doesn’t work right, you can call it something other than that “thingy” when describing the problem to your tack shop. This is also a great project if you’re enrolled in the $5.99 Flat Shipping

4-H Horseless Horse project. Click on the photo or the following text link to try our parts-of-the-saddle quiz. There are 35 “click-it” questions on English and Western saddles. You need 80% or better to pass. If you do pass, be sure to click the “Finish” button to get your printable achievement certificate. Have fun! Good luck!

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(Karin Livingston was a career 4-H leader specializing in horses, and is the author of the young-adult horse novel, Winning Bet.)