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CSU riders sweep international competition

Congratulations to the Colorado State University English Riding Club team, which swept their international competition Saturday in Edinburgh, Scotland! 1st in Dressage, 1st in Jumping, 1st Overall! These young women all worked hard practicing and preparing this winter with their awesome coach, Tiare Santistevan. We'll have more photos when my daughter returns with my camera. Meanwhile, there are a few photos on the CSU Equine Sciences Facebook page. You're looking good, ladies! I'm a proud mom, Kalinda. P.S. In my mind, a Kindergarten-through-High-School career in the Larimer County, Colorado 4-H Horse Program has led to wonderfully unexpected places!

Four things I learned from Olympic medalist Greg Best (at a CSU ERC clinic)

(Karin Livingston was a career 4-H leader specializing in horses, and is the author of the young-adult horse novel, Winning Bet.)

Water rights, future targeted

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- Those who own water, have property near water, or use water for agriculture may want to keep an eye on the series of public forums, "The Poudre Runs Through It: Northern Colorado's Water Future", co-sponsored by UniverCity Connections, Colorado State University, and the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.

The first of three educational sessions begins tonight at the Larimer County Courthouse Office Building, 200 West Oak St., and covers Colorado water law, sources and uses of local water, and how our water is managed and regulated. The second session will cover current and future water needs, as well as Poudre River stream flow and water quality. The third session will cover the topics of water supply basin wide planning and address the question, “Where Will Our Future Water Come From?”

If you want to catch up, the original Feb. 3 public forum was broadcast on Cable Channel 14. For public comments on how water rights should be managed, click here.

Tractor Supply Company

Young horse - novice rider: Five tips for success

Hobbes, the Quarter Horse gelding purchased at Colorado State University's 2010 Legends of Ranching Sale, pauses on our suburban Poudre River trail.
Hobbes, purchased at the CSU Legends of Ranching Sale, continues to amaze us. Pairing Gregg, an owner new to horses, with a three-year-old was a gamble, but the other day, our suburban Poudre River bike trail proved no problem for this young Quarter Horse gelding.

Hobbes calmly and safely navigated cyclists, strollers, roller-bladers, pedestrians, wood and cement bridges, as well as a tree-root infested water obstacle. In the arena, he has mastered canter pickups, leg yields, and is working up to spins. Hobbes also spent an entire day recently herding cattle at a friend’s Wyoming ranch!

I credit much of Gregg’s success to the following:

  • Round-penning before riding
  • Using an experienced horse as a buddy
  • Being open to the voice of experience
  • Regular workouts for horse AND rider
  • Wearing a helmet. Yes, there have been a couple spills after we broke the workout routine, and it was cold, windy and close to dinner.

Stay tuned as we continue to work with this amazing horse!

Hobbes' purchase: Some rules were made to be broken
Buying a horse: 14 questions you should ask

(Karin Livingston was a career 4-H leader specializing in horses, and is the author of the young adult horse novel, Winning Bet. You can subscribe to this blog ad-free on your e-reader.)

Six tips: Ugly "T" word a business lifeline

Times are a-changin’, but percentage-wise, I would guess that not enough horse industry types, or horsey types for that matter, engage in T-E-C-H-N-O-L-O-G-Y.

Tractor Supply Company

Mention the “T” word or any of its cousins, new computer, ISP, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or words like hyperlink, blog, PayPal, QuickBooks, TurboTax, .html, .fla, .swf, .pdf, GoDaddy, The Cloud, LinkedIn, SEO, Excel, iPad, Kindle, and you typically hear, “I don’t have time for that” or “My wife does that”. That last is sexist, but that’s what I hear from my little network of vendors.

Speaking of local vendors, I can only think of one who has figured out how to e-mail invoices, let alone provide for some sort of online payment.

Fact: More than 95 percent of my new-business inquiries, not to mention management strategies, come from time-saving technology. Horse people might want to join the party. What we need, I think, are techno-bits, aka: tips you can zip through in about 60 seconds. I say this because I believe most horse people would rather muck a stall than read, especially when it comes to techno-dribble.

So I, stable owner masquerading as a technology coordinator by day, blogger by night, do hereby take up the techno-torch with this quick to-do list.

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