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Owner of starving horses pleads not guilty

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Hay and money continue to flow in to help the hundreds of abandoned Quarter Horses near Billings, Montana. More than 450 horses were left to fend for themselves after their owner was foreclosed on last year. One horse is believed to have been walking on a broken leg for more than a year.

Owner of starving horses pleads not guilty

A veterinarian last week said that while many of the horses had to be destroyed, more could be easily saved if they receive food quickly. The NILE foundation has teamed up with Tractor Supply Co to coordinate a massive rescue effort.

Latest story on the rescue, Operation Home Place.

Previous story - Horrific neglect: 450-plus Quarter Horses need help

Workshop: New county rules for stables

FORT COLLINS, Colorado - Larimer County will hold a workshop Feb. 25 for any stables that want to apply for the limited-time transition program designed to bring facilities into compliance with new rules. The transition program expires Sept. 7, but until then stables who apply can expect:

  • An abbreviated Larimer County review process – 8 weeks from application to decision
  • $150 application fee – instead of fees of between $300 and $2,300
  • No Transportation Capital Expansion Fees (for traffic generated historically by an existing equestrian operation use)


Where do you fall in the new horse land use rules?

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Horrific neglect: 450-plus starving Quarter Horses need help

Just received this e-mail, urgently seeking financial help for the hundreds of Quarter Horses found starving in Montana. Many have had to be put down, but there is hope for the others if they can get food quickly.
Subject: Action Alert: Operation Home Place in Billings, MT
Operation Home Place Needs Your Help!
Attention AQHA Members
By now, you might have heard about Operation Home Place and the 450+ head of American Quarter Horses outside of Billings, MT, that have been neglected and are in dire need of hay and water. AQHA Corporate Partner Tractor Supply Company, as well as other local businesses and individuals, has graciously donated the water tanks. We are asking for your help with a donation of hay or money to purchase hay. The immediate need is for grass hay or grass/alfalfa mix. Additionally, assistance is needed to pay for transporting hay to the horses and vet care.

Any donation is appreciated in an effort to save these horses.
The American Quarter Horse Association in no way condones neglect or abuse of any animal. In fact, the foremost concern of AQHA is that all American Quarter Horses and all other animals are treated humanely and with dignity and respect. AQHA believes it is paramount that members pull together and help the horses in this situation.
If making a monetary donation, please send to the address below:
NILE Foundation
PO Box 1981
Billings, MT 59103
Please make checks out to the NILE Foundation with Operation Home Place written in the “For” line on the check. For credit card donations, please call the NILE office at 406-256-2495.
For hay donations, call the NILE office at 406-256-2495 to coordinate staging.
Thank you for your help!

Tractor Supply Company

CSU English Riding Club needs your help

ERC Beau Jo's Fundraiser coupon - Colorado State University English Riding Club - Fort Collins - Colorado
FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- The Colorado State University English Riding Club could really use your help this Thursday with their Beau Jo's pizza fundraiser. Part of the proceeds will fund the ERC team's upcoming February international competition in Edinburgh, Scotland, and part will go into the treasury for future events. Club team members, who have already funded their air fare to Scotland, still need help with finding and paying for a place to stay, as well as meals. If you can help, just download and print this coupon for Thursday night pizza at Beau Jo's. The English Riding Club will get 20 percent of whatever you buy. CSU's English riding club has had some great educational events! Let's all pull together to make future events and the Scotland competition a success! More information: Contact club advisor Tiare Santistevan at

CSU English Riding Club: Four things I learned from Greg Best - FREE TRIAL

Diary of Franken-Gator: For want of a tire...

Our Gator CX with the Wallenstein manure spreader in tow - Poudre River Stables - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521 (Click photo to enlarge.)

We’ve had our Gator CX for many years and everybody here loves-it-hates-it. The Gator CX’s small size, simplicity, versatility, and engine dependability are what we love. While the engine chugs along and nicely pulls our Wallenstein (in my mind the world’s best little) manure spreader, the Gator CX’s tires are curse-worthy. We work in all types of weather and a variety of terrains.

Often, for want of a tire, the cleaning was delayed, and piled rather than spread, horses were fed by hand (thank goodness for our Ursa cart!), people stuck out in the winter cold and summer heat turned cranky; the manure pile grew; the stable was hurt.

The problem:

  1. Gator CX tires are tubeless, which means a sudden freeze, sharp bump, or dirty rim unseals them.
  2. Goats head thorns, which ought to be classified as a national weapon, eat Gator CX tires.

I looked up our 2010 QuickBooks spending report and realized I’ve been to Big Deal Tire & Wheel here in town nearly every month since March with a Gator tire problem. That doesn’t even include Gator tire episodes and expenses from previous years. We solved the problem, and I laugh now at my fall 2010 messages, full of detailed survival tips:

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