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'Winning Bet' signing at Jax Authors Day

Happy Halloween from all of us!

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Every now and then you need to kick up your heels and live a little, and that’s just what we did this Halloween.

The funniest part came when all the horses, who had been individually costumed by all the handlers you see here, saw each other and were horrified. Billy, in the “All-American” red, white and blue, looked at Magic the Wizard, group shot, far left, in the sparkly black hat, threw up his head, rolled his eyes, snorted and scuttled backwards. Magic tried to turn around and leave with his human on the other end of the lead line.

Bonnie, appropriately the Beautiful Veiled Witch, Jasper, carrying his Knight in Shining Armor, and the Gypsy Dani were heroes, and never flinched. Happy Halloween everyone, from all of us at Poudre River Stables! (Click to enlarge the photos.)

Join us! Bonnie and Billy visiting Jax Authors Day!

(Bonnie Blue and her son Billy Blue are the real-life horse stars of the novel, Winning Bet, by Karin Livingston.)