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Let the (World Equestrian) games begin!

One of the downsides of most major television programming, at least for me, is that it has nothing to do with horses. I get so desperate for horses that I start critiquing the horse parts in movies. (I’ll write about some of those funnies later.) For now, you CAN get your horse fix this month with the World Equestrian Games, which believe it or not, will actually be (somewhat) covered by NBC. More fun: You can also log on to the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) network site or the World Equestrian Games site and watch live. NBC coverage starts Sunday morning, November 26. If you own Dish Network, or any of the other satellite providers, go to your account and search for “Equestrian”. This should give you all the possibilities for scheduling the games on your home television. I’ve attached what I got from Dish Network for the World Equestrian Games schedule here as a .pdf file. (To get an exact schedule, be sure to search for your regional schedule. This is for our zipcode.) Happy viewing!

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