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Some rules were made to be broken

Hobbes explores our arena. (Click photo to enlarge.)

In my experience, horse sales have always been synonymous with “buyer beware”. Guess what? Rules were made to be broken, and the Colorado State University “Legends of Ranching” sale is the exception to the rule.

What a great sale it was – a horse show the week before in which many of the sale horses competed, demonstration rides the morning of the sale, veterinarians available to do soundness exams, time to go meet horses and run our hands over legs before the sale, a well-run registration office,
classy seating in a great stadium arena, many, many beautiful horses. All told, more than 70 horses went through the sale.

Mark your calendars for next year, and attend all phases. Even if you don’t intend to buy, you can learn a lot about conformation as it relates to function just watching.

And … meet “Hobbes” Gregg’s new horse! Three years old, a registered Quarter Horse gelding bred at the Purina Research Farm, well-started by “Danny” in the CSU colt training class, and a super disposition to boot! The first thing I did was hand Gregg my copy of Lyons on Horses, a must-have for all green horse owners. Stay tuned as Hobbes proves himself a horseback riding joy! P.S. His name? My daughter's idea: Because we already have a Kalvin!

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(Karin Livingston is a career 4-H horse leader and the author of the young-adult horse novel, Winning Bet, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, stores, and to librarians and retailers through the Ingram Book Group.)