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Boarding stable rules: 'Monster' or 'OK and fair'?

New land use rules for boarding stables tabled

FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- County planning commissioners Tuesday night sent proposed horse land use rules for boarding stables back to the working group that has worked on the problem for a year and a half.

The commissioners set another hearing for July 19.

Commissioners questioned:

  • Transportation and capital expansion fees that could cost stable owners $300/horse and $150/lesson client.
  • How a proposed resource management plan for stable owners would work.
  • The number of boarded horses allowed as a use by right, especially on larger properties, and suggested increasing numbers.

"I don't think I could support these regulations as they're written now," said commissioner Tom Donnelly.

"I like the idea of a scalable system," said commissioner Steve Johnson. "I don't want it to be complex. I don't want it to be inflexible."

Donnelly called the proposed resource stewardship plan that a stable might have to complete to prove best-practice management an "onerous regulation".

Boarding stable rules: A 'monster' or 'OK and fair'?

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