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Jogger buzzes horses into fright

I couldn’t believe it yesterday when one of our clients caught a jogger shaking the wire bike trail fence, built by the city, not me, and watching the buzzing sound scare the horses. The horses milled around and refused to be caught, I guess, because they thought their hot wire was after them. It amazes me humanity survived at all. It also amazes me that the county feels the need to protect the public from horse operations, not the other way around. Another client once caught a passerby standing on one of our fence posts, spying on our property. The worst happened five years ago when a public dog invaded our property and mauled my goat, Lawrence. (Read “A Weekend of Horror” at our stable website.) Tax dollars would be better spent regulating this kind of public behavior, not property owners’ land use.

(Karin Livingston is the author of the young adult horse novel, Winning Bet, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, stores, and to librarians and retailers through the Ingram Book Group.)