Horse stables, other ag trudge toward final fate
Incentives for existing stables in new rules?

A double take on killer food

Click here to sample a movie you'll never forget.Oh, my gosh – call me nearly a year behind the times, but I just got the movie, Food, Inc. off of my Netflix list, and I may never want to eat again unless I grew it, raised it, or bought it at the farmer’s market. For a “taste”, go to Food, Inc.’s site and watch their trailer. (Click on the picture.)
Loving horses the way I do, it always seemed cruel to have livestock on the place that I actually knew, and actually had to eat.  Now I’m thinking a temporary life at my place would be heaven for a “consumable”, at least compared to what usually happens to most of them. Plus, I wouldn’t keep them in raw sewage five feet deep.
The things we never knew … maybe I should switch from boarding horses to small acreage farming and save my life on several counts.

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