Founder Chronicles: Battle of the bulge
Founder Chronicles: Hot days, higher pulse

Founder Chronicles: A diagnosis, more solutions

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Founder Chronicles 4: Battle of the bulge
The blood tests came in: Bonnie was insulin resistant, a short way of saying her body was sensitive to carbohydrates, especially fructose, much like a person with diabetes. After a friend suggested reading the Keith Seeley web site (, I realized Bonnie had additional risk factors. Our veterinarian heard that other owners with insulin resistant horses were getting good results with a supplement called Quiessence , which I ordered ( We worried that prolonged exposure to phenylbutazone (bute) would begin to cause ulcers or kidney distress. On the recommendation of another friend, I ordered Hilton Herbs Phytoflex (rich in devils claw, willow) to ease pain and replace the bute. Hilton has since discontinued its willow products, but there are other “herbal bute” suppliers out there. We still fed Bonnie grass hay only. Note: We only use irrigated grass hay. Theoretically irrigated grass is less stressed than dry land hay and will carry less fructose. (See  We also started Bonnie on a complete feed called Triple Crown Lite ( The styrofoam/duct tape booties were a hit.  Bonnie loved the extra cushion.  However, the booties only lasted three days at best, attracted dirt and gravel, were hot to wear, and took a lot of time to make. Today, there are many better options. Then, we needed a full time horse nurse who could also make booties … or we needed a different solution.
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