Horse property rights: Grim tone improves
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Land use study: 41 apply

People put actions behind their words on this one. Larimer County received 41 applications from people who want to be on the working group to study horse-business land use rules. After some deliberation, I applied as well. The stable is already on the radar, so I figured I might as well be part of the solution, and I do have these 20 crazed, lovable, laughable years of experience. Linda Hoffman, director of the county’s rural land use office, wrote back to say that the county is offering six spots for local organizations (not specified) to send representatives. With a desired working group total of 20 members, 14 spots remain for various representatives of the horse industry, neighbors of horse businesses and other professional equine providers. That leaves slim chances of actually making it on to the team, but who knows? According to Hoffman’s note, county commissioners will not be making their selections until March 19. Meanwhile, all applicants are to reserve Thursday, March 26, 6 – 9 p.m. for the first working group meeting. Stay tuned.
Horse property rights: grim tone improves
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