Horses in trouble
Spring fever: (We hope not)

John Deere to the rescue

The John Deere 950 keeps lanes clear during a surprise blizzard. -- Photo/Kalinda Livingston Winter gave us spring with abnormally warm temperatures, and spring gave us winter. Go figure. We woke up Thursday morning to a blizzard. When you have to turn out horses, clean stalls and pens, move feed and sometimes transport water, a blizzard makes life challenging. Fort Collins shut down for the day after about 11 a.m. The snowfall grew to six inches in the shallows, and ten inches in the bad spots. Then the wind started to blow. I knew it was time to hop on the John Deere 950 and start plowing before drifting made our driveway and the east-west internal lanes impassable. Four hours later, the good old Deere saved the day, and we could move around freely. You cannot run a stable without a tractor, period. Ours worked beautifully and I felt extremely intelligent for having taken care of its routine maintenance and some minor repairs just a month earlier. Besides food and water for the horses, the tractor is probably the next thing you want to make sure gets good care at your stable. This turned out to be a baby blizzard compared to the great blizzards of 2006. What a great adventure that was. And as Helen Keller said, "Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing at all."
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