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John Deere to the rescue

Horses in trouble

Nicky Two horses need your help. Yesterday our wonder-vet, Equine Medical Services (EMS), received an e-mail plea from a client who lost her job. The client cannot afford to continue feeding her charges, but fears that if she sells them they might end up in Mexico at a slaughter facility. The client thought her only other option was to euthanize our equine friends to save them from an unspeakable death elsewhere. "There is nothing wrong with these two horses other than they are victims of circumstance," said veterinarian, Dr. Allen Landes. Click here to see more pictures and video.  Click here for details on the Jasper horses. (You may want to bookmark the second "here" link, which connects to the new EMS forum, an equine medical news/discussion group.) If you are involved in Pony Club, 4-H or any other horse activity, and know someone with a good home for these two horses, have them contact Dr. Landes at [email protected]. The horses are at his ranch until they can be adopted out. One hopes this is not the start of what happened to the floundering Kentucky horse industry.

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