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Budget-saver Gator accessories

Click to enlarge. Gators run into special problems in the winter, and while John Deere provides solutions, they can cost an arm and a leg. You can however, accessorize your Gator on the cheap. The first problem you need to solve is to get the Gator “shod” for winter. Even with the locked-wheel setting, Gators get stuck while towing loads – like our manure spreader – on the snow and ice. John Deere would like to sell you a new set of wheels and more rugged tires, but you can also buy chains, which are a lot cheaper. The chains do have a nasty habit of slipping around even when properly installed. You can prevent this with our first “accessory”, baling twine chain keepers. We have knotted the twine different ways over the years. Use your creativity. Just remember to tie up the loose chain tail. Last year, a chain tail caught a stick and the combination caught in the ignition toggle, preventing starting. The other problem is that when it gets really cold – single digits – Gators refuse to start.This winter, we pulled out an old heating pad and set it on low over the Gator’s engine block. This worked like a charm. If you don’t have a heating pad, you can find inexpensive models like the Dunlap Deluxe Heating Pad at Wal-Mart. See accessory details on our

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