'Winning Bet' signing at Jax Authors Day
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30-degrees and loving it!



FORT COLLINS, Colorado -- What do you get when you combine two gregarious geldings and a cute, rare draft pony? An awesome time at Jax Ranch and Home Authors Day! In spite of snow showers and frigid gray skies, 50 authors and mobs of enthusiastic shoppers turned out Saturday for the festivities, helping support the public library through book sales.

Jax_Author_Day_Dell Jax_Author_Day_Lily_FansWe were there with Winning Bet, my novel about a girl who must save her horse from the slaughterhouse, and we shared a table with Jenifer Morrisey, author of A Humbling Experience, her inside story about raising and living with rare Fell Ponies.

Once again, it amazed me that the horses connected instantly with the humans, and brought smiles to so many faces. Dell and Billy, both Morgans, loved the stream of treats that went their way, and Lily the Fell Pony performed tricks and gently accepted baby carrots from even the littlest of admirers! Thank you, Jax! (Click on the photos to enlarge them for a better view.)

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